Auktionshaus Andreas Thies (Germany) 64. AUCTION  May 6 - 7, 2018


Over  900 lot numbers of finest quality military collectibles we are proud to announce the sale of the most important World War II  Award Documents  ever offered at auction.

The complete set consists of all four original formal  award documents for the Knight's Cross, Oakleaves, Oakleaves and Swords and Oakleaves with Swords and Diamonds to Oberst Adelbert Schulz, distinguished tank commander in the legendary "Gespensterdivision"  under Rommel and later on commander of that unit (7. Panzer Division).

This grouping with it's truely magnificent documents and cassettes is the only original set of all four still in private hands today.

The sets issued to Gordon Gollob, Wolfgang Lüth, Erwinl Rommel and Hans Ulrich Rudel exist but have been dispersed and are now in various private collections and museums.

The set awarded to Oberst Adelbert Schulz has been purchased recently directly from the Schulz family.
The pieces are in absolutely mint condition complete with their outer cases and cardboard boxes.

Adelbert Schulz's outstanding formal award document and cassette for the Oakleaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross is the first example that was executed in "terra red", the colour chosen for army recipients.
It is one of only two original  diamond cassettes still set with their original stones in proper mounting.

Like many valuable works of art and collectibles serious attempts have been made to fake
these artifacts. Sadly some of  these fakes have been sold to collectors.

Allthough the quality of Adelbert Schulz's set of originals offered for auction is so stunning and convincing that even the untrained eye will easily be able to detect the many differences distinguishing them from the fakes we have issued a  letter of authenticity based on profound knowledge and undisputable facts that will be provided to the succesful bidder.

My own 30 years of experience in examining and exploring these objects, especially all existing original Oakleaves with Swords and Diamonds documents and cassettes and complete access to the archives of the leading artists involved in the production of these magnificent objects, Prof. Gerdy Troost and Frieda Thiersch, have been very helpful to provide an extensive and unprecedented documentation on authenticity of Adelbert Schulz's originals.

Naturally also some of the fake specimens that have been sold will be covered in this documentation.
In order not to support further faking activities we will not publish any digital photos of Adelbert Schulz's original documents and cassettes at this point.
The printed auction catalog with extensive illustrations will be published in April and potential bidders are invited to make an appointment for viewing and studying the extensive documentation before the auction.

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If you wish to receive the high quality hard cover printed catalogue please forward us $ 60 (Fedex Shipment). We shall be sending them out on Monday April 16.

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Thies Auctions is proud to announce the most significant consignment of Imperial and Third Reich Militaria offered to the collecting community in the last twenty years. 

The first sale which was held by Auktionshaus Andreas Thies eK in Germany on December 9, 2017 was tremendously succesful and attracted huge international interest. For prices realized please check

Part II of the Collection "Alte Armee und Deutsche Wehrmacht" will be included in our upcoming Auction 64

The massive collection of over 3000 lots  is documented in the three volume set on the History of the 8th Panzer Division by Richard Kindel.

The collection will be auctioned in several sales both in the US and Germany throughout the year 2018.

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