66. Auktion April, 2019

The announcement of the sale of the highly important and truely magnificent grouping of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun  personal memorabilia, important furniture and works of art as well as important documents, including one of only very few absolutely authentic and extensively documented original personal visor hats of Adolf Hitler,  has created an unprecedented amount of interest from leading private collectors, museums and institutions around the world. We have therefore decided to offer these museum quality items in a specially printed high end catalog. Due to their importance these items have been stored in the vaults of an international freeport and can be viewed by appointment only.

The auction sale will be held in April, 2019 on international territory. The documentation of this museum quality grouping goes back to 1945  - a unique opportunity for museums and important private collections to aquire one of the most important pieces of WWII Memorabilia still in existence today!

Sensational result for one of the finest and rarest military collectibles from WWII ( € 1.100.000,-- for Adelbert Schulz's Diamonds Document set of four)  in our 64. AUCTION  May 7 - 8, 2018 - The  Prices Realised List is online at: www.andreas-thies.de

This is the highest result for any WWII collectible ever achieved at auction.

Our  December 14, 2018 sale also achieved remarkable results (the complete prices realized see on left hand side topic "Ergebnislisten".

Among the Highlights of this sale : the medals of legendary tank commander Michael Wittmann (originally sold by his widow and authenticated by her written testimony). His KC sold for 90.000, the oakleaves 100.000,-- the swords right after the auction in a package deal. , documents and medals from E-Boat - Commander Korvettenkapitän Klaus Feldt including his E-Boat Badge in Diamonds sold for 43.000,--, the unique and authentic Gold Legion Condor Tank Battle Badge awarded to Wilhelm Ritter v. Thoma 80.000,--, v. Thoma's KC formal award document 38.000,-- the complete Gold Close Combat Clasp Winner's Grouping to Karl Siegrist 38.000,--, the document grouping of tank - commander and oakleaves winner Freiherr v. Wolff 18.000,-- , the important J.G.27 KC  grouping to Otto Schulz - 42.000,--,  the grouping of medals and memorabilia of  Ferdinand of  Bourbon - Naples (grandson of King Ferdinand II.) ca. 45.000, the extremly rare Saxon Merit Order GC Star with Swords on Ring 11.000,--, the 1st Class Imperial Russian Order of Saint Stanislas Set by I. Pannasch 46.000,--

Appart from these Highlighs many quality items in the 3 and 4 - digit price range also were sold for very good results.

Appart from many top quality items we will offer in auction 67 (summer /autumn 2019) a large selection of approximatelly 1000 lot numbers of quality items for every budget.

This includes the last Part of the important Collection "Alte Armee und Deutsche Wehrmacht" with many items from veterans of the 8th Panzer - Division.

This famous Collection consists of thousands of  quality items and collectibles, mainly from WW I and WW II. including several hundred complete uniforms and headgear, most of them with provenance,

This sale will also feature Part II of the Lothar Hartung - Collection, one of the largest and finest Collections on Hitler Youth, DJ, BDM, JM and NPEA ever offered at auction. The former HJ - Museum - Collection was assembled over a period of more than 40 years and is arguably the best of it's kind in existence.

We are also currently planning an important gun sale with a magnificent collection of German Military Firearms from 1850 - 1945.

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Die nächste Auktion historischer Feuerwaffen ist für Frühjahr / Sommer 2019 geplant. Wir versteigern eine der bedeutendsten Sammlungen deutscher militärischer Ordonnanzwaffen 1850-1945.

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